Advocacy Focus

When important decisions are being made about your life, we will stand by you to help you to understand the important issues, understand your rights and take control of your life.

Advocacy means giving a person support to have their voice heard. It is a service aimed at helping people understand their rights and express their views.

Advocacy seeks to ensure that all people in society are able to:

  • Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them
  • Protect and promote their rights
  • Have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives

Advocacy is a process of supporting and enabling people to:

Express their views, thoughts and concerns

Access information, advice and guidance

Explore choices and options for services and care

At Advocacy Focus, we wil go above and beyond to support you in whichever way you may need us.

Our Advocates work independently from any local authorities or health/social care professionals, and so you can be confident that their main focus is to support you in the first instance.

We can support you by:

  • Listening to you
  • Being non-judgmental
  • Providing you with information, advice and guidance
  • Genuinely understanding your concerns
  • Exploring your options
  • Helping you think about outcomes and consequences
  • Respecting your decisions
  • Helping you to state your case - perhaps verbally or in writing

Contact us for more information on 0300 323 0965 or go to our website at and use our online  "Ask an Advocate" facility.

Day Open Open time Close time
Sunday Closed
Monday Open 8:30am 5:00pm
Tuesday Open 8:30am 5:00pm
Wednesday Open 8:30am 5:00pm
Thursday Open 8:30am 5:00pm
Friday Open 8:30am 4:30pm
Saturday Closed


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