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At AFT we specialise in helping businesses and business owners with lending related debt issues or those that have been treated unfairly by their lender

This inevitably involves persuading lenders to agree terms which they would otherwise not want to do, so as to avoid a business insolvency and/or the forced sale of assets by the business.

If this is not possible, perhaps due to wider financial difficulties, then we would help the directors with any potential guarantee liabilities they may face following a company insolvency.

In general, the solutions we provide tend to fall in to two categories being:

1-To secure a full and final debt settlement with a lender whereby a reduced sum is paid as full settlement of the debt and/or

2-To agree revised borrowing terms which will inevitably be more beneficial to the borrower/guarantor

A Recommendation

Did you know that if you are a director of a limited company and have to provide a personal guarantee in support of company borrowing, you can now get insurance to cover any potential claim following the insolvency of the business.

Purbeck Insurance, backed by Markel (an “A” rated worldwide insurance provider), are the only insurance company in the UK offering such cover and AFT work for them in the event that one of their insured clients gets into financial difficulties.

Our objectives are to either seek to restructure the debt on more favourable terms so as to avoid a claim or, if this is not possible, seek to minimise the amount paid by the insurer and the client

How Do We Do This

As you can appreciate no lender is going to simply write money off or agree revised terms to its disadvantage, without good reason.

We use our expertise and experience to provide the lender with the ‘business case’ to justify what we are asking them to do.

This involves undertaking a review of the financial position of the business/guarantor, an assessment of the likely options the lender has to recover the debt and, perhaps most importantly, we review the lending and the circumstances surrounding the taking of the security itself to see if there are any issues or problems in this respect.

Some Statistics

To date we have successfully assisted SME clients with secured and unsecured lender related debt totalling in excess of £22m

Of this circa £4m required renegotiation of terms and of the remaining £18m we were successful in achieving direct debt reduction savings of over £6.8m – an average debt saving of around 38%. Our success rate for unsecured debt alone (including personal guarantee liabilities) is even greater achieving debt reduction savings well in excess of 75%   

We believe in our ability to deliver a successful outcome for our clients so much so that the majority of our fees are success related


AFT was founded by Gary Whitehead whojoined Barclays Bank Plc in 1984 on their accelerated development programme. He undertook a number of managerial lending roles throughout the North West, with his final role being as Corporate Manager operating out of the Preston Business Centre

In 2001 he set up a specialist lending business providing property finance throughout the UK. In 2006 the business obtained FCA approval to undertake regulated mortgage lending. In 2008 he was recognised within Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite

After a 30 year career in business lending he established AFT to provide businesses and business owners with an alternative solution in the event that they should experience financial difficulties with their bank or other lender, or in circumstances where they have been treated unfairly.

AFT work with various introducers across the professional services community (solicitors, accountants, brokers etc) and this also includes Insolvency Practitioners. This may seem strange in that we can and indeed do help directors and/or their business avoid insolvency. 

However, we can only do this if the bank (or other lender) is the driving concern. There would be little point in seeking a debt settlement agreement with a lender only for HMRC or other creditor to commence proceedings against the business. 

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