CSR Accreditation

CSR Accreditation – Showing what good looks like.
CSR-A is the only organisation delivering a global Environmental and Social Responsibility Accreditation.The CSR Accreditation provides independent validation and recognition of an organisations environmental and socially responsible activities. It is a powerful way to communicate these positive actions to all stakeholders.

Environmental and Social responsibility is about developing a strong company culture that empowers employees to do environmental and social good. Social responsibility is important to businesses because employees benefit from working in an inclusive environment and towards a valued social goal. This builds a strong company culture that positively impacts people and productivity. The CSR Accreditation uses a framework to assess an organisation's CSR practices across various areas, including environmental sustainability, community engagement, workplace culture, and ethical business practices. It aims to provide companies with a structured approach to implementing and measuring their CSR initiatives.

By achieving CSR Accreditation, organisations can demonstrate their dedication to sustainable and
responsible business practices. The accreditation process typically involves completing an application, providing evidence of CSR activities, and undergoing an assessment by CSR Accreditation Ltd.

CSR Accreditation (CSR-A) is endorsed by Buckinghamshire New University and The Institute of
Administrative Management (IAM)

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