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The GENEO Software was forged from the recognition of the difficulty most organisations have with the creation, governance, control and application of standardised work in the form of work instructions, local working procedures, standard operating procedures.

Our software provides;

  1. A simple to use interface where documents are built and edited, without the formatting worries and headaches that come with Word or Excel.
  2. A governance framework that is both transparent and seamless, allowing an agile approach to recording process change, and implementation.
  3. Full history and version control of documentation with changes and commentary around changes fully maintained.
  4. Fully customisable outputs that can be paper-based or presented on-screen - computer or tablet.
  5. A web-based application that enables enterprise-wide access, based on flexible permissions structure, so that best practice may be shared.
  6. Linking of work requirements to competencies in an auto-generated skills matrix
  7. Linking of regulatory requirements to work instructions to fully understand where change is needed when it happens

The software has been designed to bring empowerment to the workforce encouraging engagement in the use and creation of standards and work instructions.  

Managing the full cycle of change and improvement can now be done in one place. Leadership can enable staff to create and authorise, assign to a process flow, control competency and capture the training history. Also, on a micro-level within the standardised work, teams can capture the one best way: the safest, most, quality assured and productive method, whilst benefiting from a knowledge management system for driving out waste

Our team believe in our values and this is the key to the success of all our work; from software creation to consulting and training. We recognise that Lean is about culture, and culture is about people, which is why we put our people at the heart of everything. Our experience stretches across two decades of hands-on Lean implementation starting with the founders of GENEO Software: Mark Radley and Tim King

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