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Mark A Preston

Mark A Preston

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Albert Edward House, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston PR2 2YB, UK

01772 595096

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Mark A Preston is a Business Growth (SEO) Trainer, Advisor & Speaker. Helping Lancashire companies and agencies to increase revenue by improving processes and educating their marketing team.. Mark makes what is a scary and profoundly complex subject of revenue growth and brand building through SEO, incredibly easy to understand by delivering the subject in a way which is relatable to the audience.

Mark is an author of two SEO business books. These books are Mark’s personal story (both the good and the challenging) of when he built his own agency and his time being an SEO freelance consultant, and how he solved all those challenging times. In these books Mark gives actionable lead generation and sales advice to individuals who are wanting a little guidance on the business side of launching, running, and scaling a digital marketing / SEO agency of a freelance SEO consultancy.

Mark also hosts his own SEO podcast 'The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast' where he invites people who work within the SEO industry to share their personal stories and get into some of the most talked about SEO topics within the industry. As the name suggests, Mark’s podcast is 100% unscripted, 100% unrehearsed, 100% unedited, and 100% real.

Mark has vast experience working within the SEO industry spanning over two-decades (since 2001). In that time, he has built a lead generation business, a multi-location agency, a digital marketing franchise, experienced the world of SEO freelance consulting, worked as Head of SEO at both agency-side and in-house, trained, and mentored thousands of people, and has spoken on stages around the world. All with zero investment or funding (bootstrapped).

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