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St Crispin House, 4 St Crispin Way, Haslingden, Rossendale BB4 4PW, UK

07908 784823

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Could your skills be improved with a coach?

You may be an executive or business owner looking to improve their skills.

Or perhaps you are a quality professional wanting better results.

I coach and mentor business owners and executives, supporting them to develop the skills and practices they need to build a sustainable business. 

As a trained coach and mentor with practical experience of business leadership at the executive level, combined with world-class process improvement techniques I can help you accelerate your business profitability and growth.

If you want to do more with the time, people and resources you have and learn how to make your processes work for you call me on 07908 784823
or email me at

I partner with leaders to deliver tangible results, applying the most appropriate approaches to help leaders identify and overcome their specific challenges. I want to help you identify and remove your self-imposed limitations.

Sharing for success is more than just a business strapline. I believe that by sharing our beliefs, fears and experiences we grow as human beings and become the leaders we want to work for.

I am an executive coach and mentor, chartered chemist and chartered quality professional with 15 years of experience coaching executives and teams. I can bring a wealth of experience as a process-driven business leader and management system specialist to help you improve your skills and create the systems for sustained change.

Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd also provides process improvement, quality management system support and training, lean six sigma projects and training, and part time technical management support for SME's.

  • * Do you want better quality, more capacity and faster leadtimes?

  • * Do you need help to document your business strategy and get your workforce engaged
  •    with delivering excellent service to your customers?

  • * Do you need some help turning the numbers around you business into information you can
  •    use to improve your business

    *Do you want to grow, but can't seem to find the cash or capacity?

  • * You know that your performance varies, but do you find it difficult to know when it is normal and when you need to make a change?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contactrind Tree Consulting Ltd to see what we can do to help and support you.

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Process excellence, quality, business leader and business growth training and mentoring.

Posted: 07/11/2018

Type: Business

Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd offers a range of training, from in house courses to public training. As your trainer, I...

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Tim Akerman is a highly professional , accessible mentor and trainer. Our company has developed new ways of thinking and we are beginning to follow 'the right way' of working ' as a habit not a chore. The results are starting to show in boosted pride and confidence of the workforce, tighter controls and safer practices to mention but a few. I would give Tim a 5 star review in a heartbeat , he is a rare and gifted educator . He is currently giving us time in house each month and we all feel that we are taking massive steps towards our goals of safe, secure growth and tight, meaningful, quality control. Thanks Tim.


We worked with Tim in 2018 over a 6 months period, his knowledge and expertise in process improvement is impeccable and his ability to adapt these principles to SME's was excellent. Tim helped us understand work flows better and created efficiencies to help our business perform better. He comes highly recommended.


We have worked with Tim Akerman over a few weeks. The information and advice given has enabled us to move our business along rapidly . We didnt realise how much he could contribute towards helping us. We highly recommend his invaluable guidance. Thanks for everything.