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Come and join us at Unwind Rebalance for our Online  Well being Sessions .We do both individual and group online sessions on zoom. 

Have you felt your stress levels rising recently?

Do you feel like the lockdowns are making you feel slightly less emotionally or mentally resilient?

Are you in need of some practical techniques to help you relax?

Do you feel like you would like to work more with your intuition to help you make different decisions in your life?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions,  then we can certainly help you unlock the blocks  to you achieving mental and emotional balance.  We offer ad hoc or blocks of sessions to get you completely on track with your mind and energy levels.

Learn  PRACTICAL RELAXATION techniques that you can use on yourself.

Learn how to meditate

Learn Acupressure points on the body to assist in helping your body and mind rebalance.

Learn how to do EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) or also known as Tapping  to help you reduce anxiety, depression, PTSD or  release core mental and emotional issues.

Develop your intuitive skills.

Individual (£30 - £40 and Group Sessions £5- £7 depending on the length of session booked).

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Reach us on 07401 175526  or Facebook page  Unwind Rebalance Lounge and email


Our Founder's Journey

It was through her own personal struggles with depression and anxiety that our founder, Lisa, found reiki – which was the beginning of her journey. It was entirely down to her mum, who gave up her very own reiki appointment so that Lisa could attend. The reiki sessions helped her so much with her depression that she went on to study it and become a practitioner. It was during her studies that she felt she had found her true vocation.  

Following this Lisa embarked on a holistic learning path and become a practitioner in a range of different massage treatments including reiki, holistic facials and crystal healing. Along the way, she has taught Indian Head Massage and led meditation groups in hotels, spas and to groups of clients in both the Middle East and England.

It is her true passion to be able to help other people return to a state of wellness and feel great about themselves physically, mentally and emotionally because when you feel better about yourself, everything else in your life just flows!

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Friday Open 8:00am 6:00pm
Saturday Open 10:00am 1:00pm


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