5 ways to motivate you in 2019

5 ways to motivate you in 2019

5 ways to motivate you in 2019

Posted: 22/01/2019

By Rebecca Allam

Welcome back to another year of doing what you love and being the god damn best at it!

Although you may have needed a bit of a jump start (I know I did... 6am doesn’t come natural to us all) we are ready to motivate you back into your business rhythm this 2019 and get you excited to start smashing those targets!

Starting with...


Time is forever passing us by, minutes and seconds that we will never get back. It’s what you choose to do with those minutes and seconds that count.

“Time is a gift that most of us take for granted.”

– Cheryl Richardson

The choice is yours... You can spend those minutes standing still or you can invest them in achieving your goals. This is why it is so important to set your targets with a time specification attached. If you create a goal with an unspecified time period it may just end up taking you forever and not only will that goal feel unachievable but you will feel more worn down by it with every passing second. What a waste...


It’s something we all strive for, particularly around this time each year. And even though it’s in the back of our minds throughout the year, the reflective qualities that a new year brings add a particular highlight to our ideas of success and makes us that little bit hungrier to pursue it.

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

– Winston Churchill

It isn’t something that comes easy to us, and it’s a constant battle because through achieving one success another is always born and so the chase continues. The only way to reach each peak is through hard work, focus and vision. Whatever helps you keep your focus and vision, keep on doing it/using it/applying it, because these are the tools you need to climb that Everest and mount your flag over and over again.

No Doubt

We all have that little voice that creeps up inside us sometimes, some call it gremlins, head trash or The Voice of Doom (a little dramatic). We all suffer from what I like to call your “inner saboteur” in one form or another and they are especially present when trying to plan out our goals and in picturing us achieving our successes.

“Never let self-doubt hold you captive”

– Roy Bennett

Our inner saboteur often bats us down with reminders of our wrong doing and the times we have fallen short of our goals. Fight back with your “inner warrior” – think of all the dreams you have achieved, arm yourself with your success and use it to fight off those useless voices in your head.

Create yourself a success journal or vision board of all your previous successes that make you feel proud and ready to face anything. Keep adding to it as you go on so it always feels fresh and current.

Create Joy

As business owners one of the top reasons you are in business for yourself is probably because you have passion and drive for what you do and given the choice wouldn’t do anything else.

Unfortunately, even when you are in business for yourself you aren’t necessarily always doing the bit you love. Whether you are a dance coach, locksmith or a mortgage advisor, you still have to do some of the boring bits that go hand in hand with owning your own business such as accounts or administration. It is the art of wearing many hats without forgetting who you really are.

The key to getting through the boring bits is adding a little bit of joy where you can. This can be achieved in many small ways but here are a few to start you off...

• Play your favourite track – have yourself a lip sync every time you create an invoice

• Enjoy a nice beverage – maybe even a little glass of wine if it’s a really painful task, tea and coffee is also fine

• Take yourself off to costa / subway or where ever you feel comfortable working and having a little treat at the same time!

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

– Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Who inspires you?

When looking to gain some motivation we have a few different avenues, some turn to music, or read inspirational quotes, some read motivational articles (thank you) but remember that there will always be people out there that have sat where you are sitting, and have carried themselves on the path that you have laid before you. If you can embrace and appreciate the persistence and dedication they fought with and channel it into your own focus you can do as they did and achieve.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

– James Cash Penney

At The Business Clinic we encourage people to learn from and inspire each other at every one of our sessions. Our practitioners build each other up and make them see the successes they have already achieved. They support each other in new ideas and provide solutions to give them back time. If you really want to see your business achieve in 2019 come and experience the power that ‘Peerworking’ in an honest and open environment can do for your business.

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