All the best Fotis!

All the best Fotis!

All the best Fotis!

Posted: 05/03/2021

The end of last month was our family therapist's Fotis' last day. Fotis has worked in generic and specialist (eating disorders and neurodevelopmental) CAMHS services (tier 3), as well as the 3rd sector and a private eating disorders hospital (tier 4).

He was a pivotal member at Breathe Therapies especially during these unprecedented times. Aside from his great work in family therapy, he has also collaborated with our marketing and communications team in putting together vlogs ‘video blogs’ surrounding topics within family therapy allowing us to put this information on our website and social media to help educate people and encourage them in these tough times.

Fotis explains:

"My experience at Breathe has been a positive one, noticing in particular the holistic assessments and approach taken by the organisation, special attention given to map accurately each client’s needs and suggest informed ways forward, while also readily revising the clinical formulations as treatment progressed. 

The organisation has also been open to revising ways and protocols in order to adapt to the online way of working, especially for multidisciplinary work to take place effectively, this being at the centre of eating disorders treatment. 

 I also found particularly interesting some of the applications used for tracking a client’s progress, providing a wealth of data in real-time, allowing for clarifying the clinical picture more readily and concomitantly allowing clinicians to offer targeted interventions to match a client’s trajectory at any point. 

I believe a trademark of Breathe is the enhanced level of care and responsibility all staff continuously display for clients.  Working for Breathe has provided me with an opportunity to evolve my practice further, through conversations with colleagues but also because of the generosity and resources of all the families I had the privilege to work with. 

I would like to wish all Best Wishes for the future." - Fotis 

We want to thank Fotis for all his hard work and dedication and wish him all the best for the future!