Celebrating 15 Years of Root Fifty-Two: A Milestone in Creative and Marketing Excellence

Celebrating 15 Years of Root Fifty-Two: A Milestone in Creative and Marketing Excellence

Celebrating 15 Years of Root Fifty-Two: A Milestone in Creative and Marketing Excellence

Posted: 14/12/2023


As Root Fifty-Two celebrates its 15th anniversary, it's the perfect moment to reflect on the agency's remarkable journey. From its inception as a print design studio to its evolution into a full-service creative and marketing agency, Root Fifty-Two has consistently set high standards. Over time the agency has expanded its services and never stopped in its unwavering commitment to client success and building connections for the businesses they work with. 

A Visionary Approach to Design

Founded by Director Kimberley Thompson, Root Fifty-Two began as a specialised design-for-print studio. Kimberley's vision was clear,  to offer unparalleled design services that would help businesses stand out in a crowded market. At the time her Dad owned a print company LBH Litho in Blackburn and this worked as the perfect partnership. While the initial focus was on print, Kimberley foresaw the need for a more comprehensive suite of services to meet the evolving demands of her clients.

Becoming a Full-Service Agency

Recognising the multifaceted needs of modern businesses, Root Fifty-Two expanded its service offerings. Today, the agency provides a holistic range of services, including branding, graphic design, web design & development, digital marketing, marketing strategy, and copywriting. This transition was not merely an addition of services but a strategic move to offer integrated solutions that drive tangible results. For many businesses Root Fifty-Two works as an outsourced Creative & Marketing department. 

Scaling Expertise

From its humble beginnings as a one-person operation, Root Fifty-Two has grown into a formidable team of 15 experts, each specialising in different facets of marketing and creative design. The team's collective expertise allows the agency to tackle complex projects and deliver solutions that exceed client expectations. 

A New Chapter at Slater Terrace

To accommodate its growing team and expanding operations, Root Fifty-Two transitioned from its initial location at the Business First Centre to the iconic Slater Terrace in Burnley in 2022. This move signifies not just physical growth but also the agency's commitment to fostering a creative environment that stimulates innovation. Root Fifty-Two are proud to be a Burnley business and well positioned to become the biggest agency in Lancashire. 

The Cornerstone of Our Success

The agency's client-centric approach is best illustrated by the glowing testimonials it has received:

"Root Fifty-Two are fantastic to work with! The communication, correspondence, everything is seamless."

Sam Fagan

Business Strategy Director

 Fagan & Whalley

"What an excellent, creative and efficient team Kimberley has at her disposal! We can not thank them enough for all of the hard work they have put in over the last few years."

Luke Wilkinson

 Equestrian Surfaces

An Array of Industry Leaders

Root Fifty-Two has had the privilege of partnering with lots of local clients and even some much further afield. These include industry leaders such as Fagan & Whalley, Equestrian Surfaces, CheckedSafe, Serconnect, Financial Affairs, and Gilling Dod. These partnerships are a testament to the agency's versatility and ability to deliver results across various sectors.


As Root Fifty-Two celebrates its 15th anniversary, it stands out as an innovator in the creative and marketing industry. The agency's journey from a specialised design studio to a full-service marketing force serves as an inspiring narrative for business owners and industry professionals alike. With a strong team, a diverse service portfolio, and a track record of client success, Root Fifty-Two is well-positioned for continued growth and innovation in the years to come.