Developing an Effective Leader

Developing an Effective Leader

Developing an Effective Leader

Posted: 25/05/2022

At Grow Your Mindset, we believe everyone no matter their age, role or position in a company has the power to be a leader. So how do we get this message out and about? With a keynote speech of course!

The title of our keynote is.........
Developing an Effective Leader

What makes an effective leader? How can we improve our leadership so we get the best out of our colleagues? This keynote helps you and your team to start thinking about this more.

Some people confuse the titles of 'Management' and 'Leadership.' To 'manage' a team of people is very different to 'leading' a team of people.

Take a minute to think about the people you have worked for in the past and the ones who really stood out for you. Or even people that you aspire to be. What is it about them that they did or do? Did they 'manage' or did they 'lead?'

We find the people that are the most effective are those 'Transformational Leaders.' Those who have a clear vision, a plan of how to get there, they appreciate and value you as an employee through their communication to you, they look for solutions and see on coming problems, with a plan already in place and dare we say it, they are not scared of rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in with the rest of you.

​Our keynote looks at what makes an effective leader, what qualities they have and where you can develop.

We look at the link to Growth Mindset and how this underpins the leadership style of success and how your team react depending on the leadership style.

Developing your leadership, pays in dividend with those who you lead and you do not need to have your own office, with your name on the door to be a leader. In fact, the best leaders are those who on the front line.

And just 45minutes of your time? We all have that to have some awesome thought provoking take-aways!

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