#FacesOfFostering Introducing Sharon

#FacesOfFostering Introducing Sharon

#FacesOfFostering Introducing Sharon

Posted: 31/03/2021

Sharon is our #FacesofFostering for April 2021.

Sharon is a Social Work Assistant for the fostering service and she is an integral part of the team who works above and beyond to support our foster carers and children.

Sharon has worked for over 30 years in providing quality support and care for children, and her role is unique.

Sharon has dedicated herself to creating activities and learning with play as part of the Therapeutic care she offers with a unique and compassionate understanding of every child’s needs.

Her past experiences in working with children led her to become an integral part of the fostering process for children; her discovery of children’s needs through play is exceptional.

She makes a difference in all the lives of children with humour and fun with a blend of kindness, empathy and verse and being unafraid to get stuck in to achieve the best outcomes for children.