It’s all about the light.

It’s all about the light.

It’s all about the light.

Posted: 17/01/2024

Not sure if you’ve ever heard the phrase “The tone is all in the fingers” You probably don’t if you’re not a musician but they’re right, a violin in my hands is NEVER going to sound like Itzhak Perlman or Joshua Bell, even if the violin in question is a Stradivarius worth several million pounds.

But the same is true in the visual arts. If you have an eye for it, even the most mundane elements can become cinematic beauties if you have some good eyes behind the camera. Don’t believe me? then watch ‘Hero’ by Chinese Director Zhang Yimou and you’ll see achingly beautiful images in every scene. You want slow motion raindrops to emphasise the melancholy in the story?There it is.You want triumphant bravery against insurmountable odds?There it is.You want the beauty of poetry to slip off the screen and enter your heart?There is it.

At the Action House, doing commercial work, we rarely get to shoot such narrative productions and certainly not with that kind of budget, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t view every client, every job, and every shot with the same aesthetic values.When we produce a video for a client our aim is twofold. First is to get the client’s message across, clearly, quickly and as powerfully as possible. And the second of course is to help the client ‘look good’. It seems a little flippant to say perhaps, but we once had a client who was moved to tears by our work and by how we simply made them look good. They’d never seen their business like that before.

As business people, we are sometimes so engrossed in our work and what we do every single day, that we forget how impressive it can be to other business people?And sometimes it just takes some fresh eyes to see those extra special qualities that the business has, and to shoot them in such a way that the poetry of their endeavour is showcased.That such features of their work are drawn out from the mundane and given a chance to shine.

Showing off?Yes of course showing off!It’s YOUR BUSINESS, show it off. By all means, put it into the light and show it off!

Jan 2024