Lancashire accelerating in switch to green motoring

Lancashire accelerating in switch to green motoring

Lancashire accelerating in switch to green motoring

Posted: 26/01/2022

Lancashire is speeding towards greener motoring according to new figures from the Department for Transport.

The figures reveal that from 1 October 2021 to 1 October 2021, West Lancashire’s ratio of publicly accessible rapid charging points for electric vehicles doubled with 35 devices per 100,000 residents up on 27.5 devices per 100,000 a year before. 

The national average is 42 devices per 100,000 residents.

Lancaster had the highest average across the county with 51 devices per 100,000 residents.

There are now 428 publicly accessible charging points for Lancashire residents.

Nationwide, new charging points for public use went up by 9% in the three months to 1 January. There are now 2,448 more available charging devices across the country. 

This brings the total of publicly accessible charging points nationwide to 28,375, of which 5156 are rapid charging devices.

Greg Wilson, founder of’s comments: It’s likely that Lancashire drivers, like those across other parts of the country, are nervous that the 2030 deadline for car dealerships to cease selling new fossil fuel vehicles isn’t that far off and that the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles isn’t ready. 

“But this boost in charging points Lancashire is reassuring.  

“Let’s hope this pace continues so that the county’s drivers feel the electric option is a valid one, and that barriers to the green motoring revolution such as ‘range fear’ are a thing of the past, with a wide and evenly distributed network of rapid charge and electric charging facilities.”

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