Roast & Toast is BACK for 22!

Roast & Toast is BACK for 22!

Roast & Toast is BACK for 22!

Posted: 04/01/2022

AND we are back! Hello 2022. Hope it's started well for you?

Good or bad, a bit of extra positivity on a Wednesday morning never did anyone any harm.

Roast & Toast is a FREE weekly online get together with a brew. A space of shared support, it is unique AND it is for YOU. This isn’t networking, it’s time to breathe and benefit from a positive community, looking out for each other.

Guaranteed to be a well spent hour for you AND your team. Every Wednesday morning at 9:30am or Monday evening at 6:30pm. Come once or come every week. Give it a try. You will be back.

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AND we have a fancy new sponsor. Roast & Toast 2022 will be brought to you in partnership with Abbey ICT.

I'm not big on resolutions, but I do like good habits. This is a GREAT one.