Strategically Plan Your Business Content for a Full Year

Strategically Plan Your Business Content for a Full Year

Strategically Plan Your Business Content for a Full Year

Posted: 01/11/2023

Content planning can feel overwhelming when you're juggling numerous priorities. However, effective content marketing is vital for communicating your brand identity and building trust with your audience. In this article, we'll explore why content marketing is crucial and introduce a straightforward method to plan a year's worth of content quickly.

Why Prioritize Content Marketing

Content marketing offers several benefits:

  • Skill Development: It allows you to practice and enhance your professional skills as you engage with your audience.
  • Finding Your Voice: Content creation helps you discover and nurture your unique voice.
  • Learning from Mistakes: It involves making mistakes, learning from them, and identifying what resonates with your audience.
  • Evergreen: Even years after publication, your content remains accessible and valuable.
  • Client Decision-Making: Potential clients rely on your content to determine if your services align with their needs.
  • Communication of Values: It's a medium to express your thoughts and beliefs to those who share your values.

Your content, whether in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, or social media posts, should reflect a consistent message aligned with your goals.

A Three-Step Authentic Content Framework

George Kao's content creation process offers a fresh perspective on content creation. It comprises three steps:

Start with informal daily posts on social media, sharing quick thoughts or ideas without overthinking.

Identify ideas that garner the most interest and develop them into longer-form content like blogs, podcasts, videos, webinars, or masterclasses.

Consider turning highly engaging longer content pieces into books or online courses.

This approach encourages experimentation and learning.

Where to Start When Planning Your Content

Begin by understanding your audience's questions and challenges, whether direct or within their online communities. Your content should provide answers to these questions.

Listen to discovery calls to extract key questions, challenges, and feelings experienced by your audience.

Conduct interviews with existing clients or your target audience to gain deeper insights.

The Journey of Consciousness

Tailoring your marketing to address each stage of the journey of consciousness can guide potential clients effectively:

Unaware: Help individuals see their situation differently.

Problem Aware: Support them in understanding their challenges.

Solution Aware: Educate them on what a good solution entails.

Product Aware: Demonstrate why your coaching services are the best fit for them.

Most Aware: Convince them that you are the right fit.

Your Company Values

Apart from explaining what you do, share your mission, vision, and values to build "know, like, and trust." Create content that communicates your values.

Seasonal Events or Awareness Days

Align your content with relevant annual events or awareness days that resonate with your brand values.

Putting It All Together

To streamline your content planning, create a visual representation with rows for:

  • Key sales dates or launches
  • Seasonal key dates
  • Events you're attending
  • Events you're hosting
  • Podcast appearances
  • Blog, podcast, or video releases
  • Personal/values-driven social media posts

Organise these elements month by month from January to December. Align key content with product launches, sales, or seasonal dates, and diversify your social media posts to include educational and personal content.

This structured approach ensures message consistency and effective communication.

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