Sustainable Office Furnishing in Lancashire

Sustainable Office Furnishing in Lancashire

Sustainable Office Furnishing in Lancashire

Posted: 02/03/2021

Our Office Furnishing Services

If you’re looking to create a lasting impression or refurnish your workspace with quality new, upcycled and used office furniture, then you’ve come to the right place. At The Coggin Group, we have partnered with the best in the industry to provide our customers with functional, hard-wearing and eco-friendly office furniture.

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Office Furniture Upcycling

The Coggin Group have been upcycling office furniture since 1989. The demand at the time was driven by businesses looking to access affordable furniture. Now 29 years later, organisations are looking for ways in which they can rethink, reuse and upcycle to limit the impact of doing business on the environment. Upcycling office furniture is now part of a wider business philosophy; that of creating a more ‘circular economy’ within the business office furniture industry. If you would like to discuss upcycling your existing office furniture please feel free to get in touch to discuss in more detail on how you can not only save money but you can also do your bit in saving the planet!

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Office Clearance

The team at The Coggin Group are professional, quick and keen to take away your furniture and bring it back to its former glory for yourself or others to enjoy. We operate throughout the North West with larger projects accepted across the UK. Ethically disposing of your unwanted office furniture will save you money and you will also be supporting small businesses across Lancashire.

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Reupholster Your Office Seating

We have reupholstered thousands of office chairs across the UK for small businesses and large multi-national organisations. Our in-house upholstery department allows us to be extremely flexible, efficient and cost effective! We have trained specialists with over 40 years experience to make sure we always finish to a high and safe standard.

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