What is this Facebook Pixel I have heard of?

What is this Facebook Pixel I have heard of?

What is this Facebook Pixel I have heard of?

Posted: 08/09/2021

If you're in business you have probably heard of a Facebook Pixel and fit into the spectrum of being a master to completely dismissing/ignoring this amazing feature!

What is a Facebook Pixel?

Generally speaking a Facebook Pixel is a tiny line of code that sits on your website that allows tracking of your visitors and/or events such as "Add to Cart". It allows that interface between your website and your Facebook Ads platform.

Why is it useful?

When is tracking data not useful? Our businesses thrive on using data, so of course the initial step is collecting that important information.

When should you use it?

NOW! Even if you're not using Facebook/Instagram ads now the Pixel offers a free way to offer you site data and you always need this in place before starting any ads. It's not as complicated to set up as you think so why haven't you done this already?

What you can do now...

Facebook has introduced some new verification processes in that, as a business, you need to complete:

  1. Domain Verification
  2. Business Verification


  • Install your Pixel. There are lots of guides out there, but if you want to chat through the above, just let us know!

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